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Wall Decals

Custom Printed Wall Decals & Wall Graphics from your photo or artwork can dress up any wall. What is a wall sticker? A wall sticker, or wall vinyl, is an adhesive backed material designed specifically to affix to smooth surfaced walls.

  • 4 mil
  • High-Tac $0.35/SQFT
  • Removable $0.00
  • Contour Cut (Any Shape) $20.00
    • Gloss Cast Laminate $1.85/SQFT
    • Matte/Satin Cast Laminate $1.85/SQFT

    Wall Decals

    Our Walk Stickers and Wall Decals are printed with high resolution printers using UV rated ink so your graphics look the very best and last without fading. Wall decals can be as large or small as you like, and they can be custom cut to almost any shape. Primarily for indoor use, our custom wall sticker are a great option for offices, retail walls, kids rooms; as well as home decor.

    For Smooth Finished, Painted Walls - Use our standard Lo-Tac Wall Vinyl with No Lamination
    Material: 4-8 mils

    Finish: Matte

    Adhesive: Ultra Removable Adhesive

    Lamination: Not Available on large graphics

    For Semi-Smooth, Textured, & Hard to Stick Walls - Select the Adhesive Option "High-Tac"
    Material: 3.5 mils

    Finish: Matte

    Adhesive: Aggressive, high tack, permanent adhesive

    Lamination: Optional (gloss or matte finish)

    Choose between Low-Tac or High-Tac:

    • LOW-TAC - designed for all smooth indoor wall surfaces.
    • HIGH-TAC - most suitable for textured wall surfaces, hard to stick surfaces, and areas where the temperature fluctuates greatly.

    Installation Suggestions:

    * Surface must be absolutely dry and free from grease, oil stains, road salts, acids, sand & pebbles. If the surface isn't clean, the adhesive performance will be inhibited.

    Made In the USA Wall Decals

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