Meter Boards

Meter Boards

Meter Boards have very high impression rates at events; they assist attendees and vendors as wayward signage, offer excellent branding opportunities, and provide high visibility for sponsors. We offer double sided printing to provide visibility from both sides. 4’W x 8’H gator board and ultra-board signs with feet are the most widely used size.

  • 1/2 inch (0.5")
  • Router/Knife Cut $45.00/SQFT
  • Hook & Loop Velcro (Top & Bottom) $1.76
  • Hook & Loop Velcro (All Sides) $2.58
  • White Sides $0.00
  • Black Sides $2.00/SQFT
  • Ultra $0.00
  • Gator $1.05
  • Standoffs - Set of 4 (3/4" x 3/4") $16.99 ea.
  • Standoffs - Set of 4 (3/4" x 2") $21.99 ea.
  • Standoffs - Set of 4 (1" x 1") $18.50 ea.
  • Standoffs - Set of 4 (1" x 1.5") $24.50 ea.
  • 12" Spider Feet Set $27.00 ea.
  • 16" Spider Feet Set $44.70 ea.
  • 12" Floor Base $39.00 ea.
  • 24" Floor Base $58.00 ea.
  • 35" Floor Base $88.00 ea.

Meter boards are an effective, affordable and reusable Gator Board / Ultra Board sign that is typically displayed using Gator Feet, a steel base, or a fold able custom base. Meter Boards are can be used for promoting an event, sponsorship recognition, brand recognition, product introductions, event sales, and more. Hotels use meter boards to convey directions and to bring attention to events and corporate meetings.

Meter Boards can be temporary or sustainable and re-usable. Meter Boards offer high visibility and provide numerous impressions throughout an event.

We offer Meter Boards in any width up to 60” wide; however, the standard widths are 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60”. Meter Boards can be as tall as 96” height with our standard feet; however, we also offer these boards up to 120” high.

Looking for a non-rigid Meter Board Option? Try our SEG Fabric solution that offers a stand-up frame with feet, soft wrinkle free stretch fabric and available in multiple sizes!

Ultra Board vs. Gator Board

Ultraboard and gatorboard are very similar, almost identical, and most people are not able to distinguish one from the other. The primary difference between Ultra and Gator is the exterior finish. Ultraboard has a thick, plastic finish while gatorboard has a thin wood veneer finish. Either board can be used for temporary outdoor use; however, neither is recommended for long term outdoor applications. When applying pressure d to ultraboard, the board will slightly bend and can warp. If using a tall board (over 48” height) with feet or a ground stand, we recommend using Gatorboard as it will not bend or warp.

Ultra Board is the ultimate foam board, even stronger than gator board. Ultra Board is a heavy-duty, dense polystyrene board with a high-impact plastic surface that helps resist punctures and dents, especially during shipping and handling. Ultra Board is like Foam Board except it has a denser polystyrene core and a plastic surface, rather than paper. surface.

Gator Board is a heavy-duty, dense polystyrene board with a durable wood veneer finish for strength and durability. Gator Boards are great for Meter Signs as they resist bending and warping. Gator boards require special equipment to be cut or the surface edge surface will crack or splinter.

Sides - Color Options

Gator Board Return Color Options

Spider Feet

  • Works with 1/2" thick Ultra & Gator Boards and 10mm Coroplast
  • Powder-Coated Steel
  • 1/4" screw or bolt holes to secure to boards
Meter Board Spider Feet

Floor Base

  • Works with up to 1.5" thick rigid boards
  • Simple clamp design
  • Powder-Coated Steel
  • Available in 12" wide (9lbs.), 24" wide (10lbs.), and 35" wide (14lbs.)
  • Option of Black or Silver coating
Meter Board Floor Base Options
Meter Board Floor Sign Base

Wall Mount - Standoff's

Meter Board Wall Mounts

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