Coroplast Sign

Coroplast Sign

Coroplast, is a corrugated plastic sign material made of a tough, waterproof fluted twin wall polypropylene plastic material. Coroplast boards are a great choice for outdoor signs because of its UV and moisture resistance.

  • 4 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 10 mm
    • Top & Bottom Center $4.50 ea.
    • Top Corners $4.50 ea.
    • All Corners $5.00 ea.
    • 4-Corners $1.22 ea.
    • Top: Corners & Center $0.95 ea.
    • Top & Bottom: Corners & Center $1.78 ea.
    • Top & Bottom Center $0.72 ea.
    • 1/2" Round Corners $3.00 ea.
    • H-Frame Stake (1/sign) $1.85 ea.
    • H-Frame Stakes (2/sign) $1.98 ea.
    • Spider Stake (1/sign) $2.10 ea.
    • Spider Stakes (2/sign) $3.99 ea.

    4mm (1/8") Coroplast is popular because it's lightweight and easy to handle, compared to the rigid acrylic plastic and PVC signs. If you're considering outdoor use, the Coroplast signs are waterproof and the surface is less sensitive to damage.

    Coroplast signs are long lasting and are extremely easy to keep clean. Coroplast signs are extremely versatile giving business professionals the flexibility they need. With a variety of sizes, and the ability to print vibrant full colors on both sides, Coroplast signs are fast becoming the number one choice for affordable signs.

    We offer our Coroplast Signs in 3 separate widths, 4mm, 6mm, and 10mm for the most demanding applications. 

    Coroplast Sign Applications/Uses

    Real Estate

    Swap Meets

    Garage Sales

    Special Events

    Grand Openings

    Sales Events

    Directional Signage

    Event Signage


    Step Stakes (H-Frame stakes)

    H-Frame stakes are a lightweight steel wire stake.  H-frame stakes offer a very affordable sign mounting option that with careful use, can be re-used multiple times.


    Spider Stakes

    A new alternative option vs. H-Frame Stakes.  Spider Stakes offer an improved frame build that features a strong webbed design that stands up against light to medium winds.  Spider stakes are easy to install using the installation step peg.


    Installation of Step Stakes

    For an easy installation, try using our “Step Stakes”, sometimes called “H-Frame” stakes, or for a classier look try our “Spider Stakes”.  Both options offer a very easy installation by stepping on the stake to push it into the ground.  When selecting the Stake Option, we will automatically ensure that the corrugated flutes run vertical, which will allow your sign to slide onto the stake.


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