Perforated Window Film/Vinyl

Perforated Window Film

  • Retail Windows, 70/30
  • Vehicle Windows, 60/40

Perforated Window Film (One-way vision film)

features a full color print on the outside, while allowing you to see outside the window from within the store. This is accomplished as a result of small holes punctured through the vinyl film. The quality of the image and the "one-way" vision is affected by the hole pattern. Our 70/30 Film is the standard choice for retail store front windows. This transparency option allows enough surface area for copy and images to be seen well, yet still provide excellent see thru properties. Perforated Window Vinyl is mainly used to cover the entire window surface for decor, advertising, and promotional signage; however, it also deflects the sun and provides shade and privacy.

HP Latex Perforated Window Vinyl Film
Window Perf Made In the USA

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