Backlit Film Printing

Backlit Film Printing

Bright, vivid backlit film starts with the right film and printing technology. Paramount creates high resolution outdoor durable UV rated prints that are built to last.

  • 24 pt.

Create stunning looking displays day or night with our backlit film; a semi-translucent film that's designed to POP when placed into a light box or storefront window. When backlit, the colors and graphics become bright vivid images.

Backlit posters are custom printed to showcase your graphics and images.  Backlit signs use custom light box displays to illuminate the film from behind and bring out the rich, vibrant colors of your custom image or graphic.  The finished backlit film appears sharp and vivid, with extra depth, especially in poor lighting conditions.

Movie producers will delight in the professional quality of these backlit signs. Restaurants and mall outlets are one of the biggest users of backlit film.

Product Specifications:

7.5 mil. Semi-Matte Polyester Front Print Backlit Film

This substrate is a high-quality non-adhesive backed film


Ideal for both photographic and high quality signage applications such as light boxes, bus stops, vending machines, window & glass displays, trade shows, P.O.P. displays and posters.


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