Street and Sidewalk Decals | Adhesive ground stickers

Street and Sidewalk Decals

Make use of the space that you walk and drive on with our Street & Sidewalk Decals. Custom printed to any size with your design or advertisement . Great for rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt, concrete, stone, and brick. Extremely durable and will not tear!

  • 8.0 mil
  • 1/2" Round Corners $2.00 ea.
  • Contour Cut (Any Shape) $20.00

Street and Sidewalk Decals

Our Street and Sidewalk Decals are designed for temporary applications on rough textured surfaces; non-sealed concrete, asphalt, brick, stucco, etc.. Our Street Decal system is designed for Foot Traffic only; however, it can withstand “rolling vehicle traffic” (traffic that drives straight over the graphic but does not stop or turn while directly on top of the graphic).

It is intended for high quality exterior short term graphics (3 months exterior foot traffic). Contains an aggressive, removable adhesive for non-sealed concrete.

Looking for a decal to apply to an interior smooth surface such as wood, metal, plastic laminate, linoleum, or tile? Try our "Floor Decals"

* Safety Tested Anti-Slip (ASTM D-2047)

* Fire Rated (ASTM E84)

* Easy Application

Installation Suggestions:

* Surface must be absolutely dry and free from grease, oil stains, road salts, acids, sand & pebbles. If the surface isn't clean, the adhesive performance will be inhibited.

* Initially apply the material by hand. Using an applicator roller will help ensure the material conforms to the surface it is being applied to.

* Force all air bubbles out to ensure the material is completely adhered to the surface.

* If applying large panels, the material works best when applying edge to edge with no overlapping.

TIP: tap edges of material with a rubber mallet or use a roller to help with sealing the material to the surface.


* If power washing, use low pressure and keep at least 3.5 feet away from the product.


* Using a putty knife or razor, peel the material off at less than a 45 degree angle.

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