High Tac Adhesive Vinyl Decals

Hi-Tac Adhesive Vinyl

Hi-Tac Adhesive Vinyl is designed to stick to almost anything; plastic, wood, concrete, PVC, foam board, metal, aluminum, etc. Hi-Tac Vinyl is an excellent for permanent decals and stickers.

  • HiTac, 3mil
  • Gloss Calendared Laminate $2.00/SQFT
  • Matte Calendared Laminate $2.00/SQFT
  • Contour Cut (Any Shape) $55.00
  • Decal Cut $10.89
  • Weed & Mask $3.71

Hi-Tac Adhesive Vinyl  (High Tack) labels and decals are designed for use on low energy plastics, metal, PVC, and other hard-to-stick surfaces. This vinyl is perfect for labels used in industrial equipment and tool marking, safety signage, directional and instructional signs, heavy machinery decals, and other applications that require high adhesion and durability.


Benefits of Calendared Vinyl:

  • Stiffer and almost 50% thicker than Cast Adhesive Vinyl
  • Easier to handle than Cast films
  • More Economical than Cast Adhesive Vinyl
  • Calendared films have a higher resistance to abrasion


Installation Suggestions:

*  Surface must be absolutely dry and free from grease, oil stains, road salts, acids, sand & pebbles.  If the surface isn't clean, the adhesive performance will be inhibited.  For easiest application, use a water/soap mixture (99% Water & 1% Mild Dishwasher Soap)



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