Feather Flags

Feather Flags - Standard

Feather Flags are perfect for grabbing the attention of customers and directing them to your storefront or open house. We offer two styles of Feather Flags - Standard & Deluxe. The difference is in the hardware. Our standard Flags use Aluminum & Fiberglass poles with an Iron Spike Base, and a slightly smaller cross base.

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • 9' Standard - 25.75 x 78.75
  • 13' Standard - 27.75 x 118.25
  • 15' Standard - 31.5 x 157
  • Spike Base $25.00 ea.
  • incl. X-Base & Spike Base $55.00 ea.
  • Cross Base $35.00 ea.
  • Water Bag $8.50 ea.
  • Tent Flag Holder $37.00 ea.

Our Standard Feather Flags are portable, easy to clean and maintain, and will draw attention to your storefront, event, or sale. Our standard Flags use an aluminum and fiberglass flag poles, an Iron Spike base, and a cross base.

Indoors, our feather flags make a big impact on conventions and trade shows by attracting attention due to their size and vibrant colors, making them one of the most noticeable attractions at these events. Only taking minutes to set up, your own feather flag may become your easiest and most effective marketing tool.

Our outdoor Flag Stands are lightweight, free standing and easy to use.


The difference is only in the hardware.
Deluxe Flag Hardware: Carbon Composite flag poles, Steel Spike bases, and a 33" wide Cross base.
Standard Flag Hardware: Aluminum & Fiberglass flag poles, Iron spike base, and a 27" wide Cross base.

Our Feather Flag Package includes...
    - Full Color Dye Sublimated Banner
    - Flag Pole Hardware (Your choice of Bases are available under "Options")
    - Soft Nylon Zippered Case

Single-Sided vs. Double Sided Option

- Single Sided Flags are printed using full color dye sublimation that allows the ink to penetrate through the fabric.  The front of the flag will be 100% ink coverage, while the back of the flag will be approx. 70-90% ink bleed through shown as a mirrored image of the flag front.  Single-sided flags are lightweight and will flutter in the wind the best.

- Double Sided Flags consist of a blockout fabric layer sewn between two printed flags.  This allows the same image to be visible on the front and back; however, it does add a significant amount of weight to the flag.

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