Static window clings

Static Window Clings

Window Clings are a thin, tough, plastic film that clings to the outside of the glass without the use of adhesives.

  • 4 mil
  • 1/2" Round Corners $7.00 ea.
  • Contour Cut (Any Shape) $85.00

Static Window Clings

Window clings can be easily removed and reapplied time after time. If you are looking for a cling that is applied from the inside and viewable from the outside, please see our CLEAR Window Clings. These can be reverse printed to allow viewing from the opposite side of the glass.

Installation Suggestions:

* Surface must be absolutely dry and free from dust, dirt, and oils. If the surface isn't clean, the cling performance will be inhibited.

HP Latex Printed Static Window Clings
Static Window Clings Made In the USA

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