Vehicle Wrap Printing

Vehicle Wrap Printing

Vehicle wraps are an adhesive vinyl that is direct printed, laminated, and then applied over part or the full surface area of a vehicle, truck, or trailer for visual appearance, advertising, or promotion. Our Vehicle Wrap Printing is produced onto 3M Cast Adhesive Vinyl, which is considered the best vehicle wrap material on the market. The 3M Controltac Vinyl offers excellent outdoor life, better conform-ability, and is the standard installers prefer using. If you're looking for the best outdoor long-term adhesive vinyl for vehicle graphics, boat graphics, or any any wrap, this is the material to use.

  • 2.0 mil
  • Gloss Cast Laminate $1.85/SQFT
  • Matte/Satin Cast Laminate $1.85/SQFT
  • Contour Cut (Any Shape) $20.00

Vehicle Wrap Printing

We print our Vehicle Wraps primarily on 3M Cast Air Release Adhesive Vinyl, it is a long-term durable, dimensionally stable, vinyl film with re-positional, pressure activated adhesive that allows an installer to slide and re-position the graphic before activation the adhesive for perfect results. This vinyl conforms to flat surfaces, with and without rivets, simple curves, compound curves and corrugations

Wraps offer the ultimate in branding and vehicle advertising!

Product Features:

  • Keeps it's shape and tends to not shrink with age
  • 3M Controltac can be stretched to conform over rivets, corrugations, and compound curves
  • Greater outdoor life span
  • Easy removability up to 2 years
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up, and re-positioning
  • Apply to compound curves, corrugations, flat, flat with rivets, and simple curve surface


  • Buses
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Public Transport
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • ATV's
  • Motorcycles

Air Release

Worried about bubbles when applying the vinyl? The wrap vinyl has "Air Release" channels standard.

The Air Release technology will help reduce bubbles for a smooth finish! Air Release makes installation faster and easier by allowing a higher airflow rate for trapped air to escape. Even after environmental changes over time, Air Release technology will maintain an even, consistent, and smooth appearance.

Graphic wraps can be extremely challenging to install, even for experienced installers due to the size and application surface.We highly recommend professional installation services for partial and full vehicle wraps. We offer qualified nationwide installation services; call our customer service line, send us an email, or chat with us online to learn more.

Care & Use:
Our vehicle wrap graphics are designed for semi-permanent or permanent use. Our printed vehicle wrap graphics are designed to withstand continual outdoor use in even the harshest conditions. However, to maintain the longevity and the vibrancy, we recommend regular cleaning. Hand wash is recommended, yet most car washes and manual cleanings are all safe way to prolong the wrap.

3M Warranty Vehicle Wrap Printing

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