Wrinkle resistant, lightweight fabric banners for trade shows, conventions, press conferences, and backdrops

Fabric Banner

Full Color Digitally printed Fabric is an excellent choice for trade-show graphics, backdrop banner stands, press conference backdrop banners, retractable banner stands, and anywhere you would like a printed banner or backdrop that has bright vivid colors without wrinkles or glare. Fabric provides is lightweight, durable and extremely versatile.

  • Display Fabric
  • Backlit Fabric
  • SEG Stretch
  • Every 2' $0.05/SQFT
  • Every 3' $0.00/SQFT
  • Every 1' $0.15/SQFT
  • Corners Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Top Corners $0.00
  • All 4-Sides $0.00/SQFT
  • Top Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Bottom Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Sides Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Top Only $2.64
  • Bottom Only $3.96
  • Top & Bottom $5.02
  • All Sides $7.66
  • 1" Sewn-in Webbing (Top & Bottom) $3.43
  • 1" Sewn-in Webbing (All Sides) $4.49
  • 2" Sewn-in Webbing (Top & Bottom) $5.28
  • 2" Sewn-in Webbing (All Sides) $7.13
  • Sewn-on Loop Velcro (Top & Bottom) $2.64
  • Sewn-on Loop Velcro (All Sides) $4.49
  • Include SAV Hook Velcro Counterpart $3.96
  • Reinforced Corners $15.00 ea.
  • Sewn on Silicone Edge $2.45 ea.
  • Hook & Loop Velcro (Top & Bottom) $3.96

Our Display Fabric Banners  are versatile and great for many uses. Trade-show backdrops, indoor scenery and private events are just some the uses that work for Fabric Banners. Custom Fabric Banners are perfect for retractable banner stands and other trade-show devices.

Fabric Advantages

  • Polyester Fabric is Wrinkle Resistant. Stain Resistant. Crease Resistant. Tear resistant.
  • Can be folded, and stored in a drawer. In fact and 8′ x 8′ fabric banner can fit in  a purse!
  • Light weight, very easy to transport and ship.
  • Any creases and fold marks which happen after a prolonged period of time, can be quickly and easily ironed out.
  • Fabric Cloth Banners, in our opinion have a classier look.
  • Several different weights available, thin and lightweight for flags, to thick and heavy for step and repeat media walls.
  • Beautiful vibrant colors, fantastic imaging
  • Can be used on pop up displays
  • They absorb the camera flash rather than reflecting it.

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