Ultra Vinyl Mesh Banners

Vinyl Mesh Banners

Our 9oz. Vinyl Ultra Mesh Banners consist of a tighter hole pattern vs. the standard 8oz, which creates more surface area for crisper graphics that will hide background obstacles.

  • 9oz
  • Jersey Mesh 4oz
  • 8oz
  • Every 2' $0.05/SQFT
  • Every 3' $0.00/SQFT
  • Every 1' $0.10/SQFT
  • Corners Only $0.00/SQFT
  • All 4-Sides $0.00/SQFT
  • Top Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Bottom Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Sides Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Top Only $1.86
  • Bottom Only $1.86
  • Top & Bottom $2.79
  • All Sides $4.65
  • 1" Sewn-in Webbing (All Sides) $2.79
  • 2" Sewn-in Webbing (Top & Bottom) $3.16
  • 2" Sewn-in Webbing (All Sides) $4.65

9oz. Ultra Vinyl Mesh Banners

A tighter hole pattern vs. the standard 8oz creates more surface area for crisper graphics that will hide background obstacles.  However, with the tighter hole pattern comes slightly less blow-through.  The standard 8 oz. Mesh will allow approx. 37% airflow, while the Ultra Mesh will allow roughly 20%.

If you're looking for a banner that will provide the most wind resistance (highest airflow) try our Jersey Mesh Fence Banner. With the breathable custom Mesh Banner, the winds won’t be tugging against the seams of the banner and twisting in the wind, insuring longer use.


Mesh banners include full color digital printing so that your custom graphics stand out and make an impact.  You can order your banner up to 16’ wide, and as long as you would like it. Mesh is the perfect material when it comes to large banners outdoors. Less strain on the banner means longer lasting banners.

If using the mesh banners inside, the mesh material also allows for some light to filter through. This material is ideal if you don’t want your advertising to completely block a window. There are many uses for banners in general, but mesh is probably one of the most versatile, indoors or out.

If you are looking for an advertising material that is easy to clean, our mesh banners can be washed down with just soap and water, or lightly hosed off.

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