Outdoor Wall Decals

Outdoor Wall Decals

Custom Printed Wall Stickers & Wall Graphics from your photo or artwork can dress up any wall. What is a wall sticker? A wall sticker, or wall vinyl, is an adhesive backed material designed specifically to affix to smooth surfaced walls.

  • 3.0 mil
  • Contour Cut (Any Shape) $20.00
    • Gloss Cast Laminate $1.85/SQFT
    • Matte/Satin Cast Laminate $1.85/SQFT

    Brick, Cinder-block, Stucco, Concrete, and Tile?

    Apply custom printed graphics to those rough textured walls you thought nothing would stick to! This hi-tack wall vinyl is designed to conform to any moderately textured surface (indoors or outdoors) including brick, cinder block, concrete, tile, and stucco. Not recommended for sealed/treated stainless steel, brass or bronze surfaces.

    Surface Preparation

    1. Surface must be absolutely dry and free from grease, oil stains, road salts, acids, sand & pebbles. If the surface isn't clean, the adhesive performance will be inhibited
    2. Clean the surface well to ensure it is free of debris. A pressure washer will typically yield the best results.
    3. Apply only to clean, dry surfaces above +40° F

    Please Note: We recommend professional installation for large decals with multiple panels, as well as large murals.

    HP Latex Outdoor Wall Decals

    Energy Star Greenguard

    Made In the USA Outdoor Wall Decals

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